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Zoom: LABEOHM EVO resistance tester
LABEOHM EVO resistance tester | Cat. No: IT-9265051
Product name:LABEOHM EVO resistance tester
Cat. No:IT-9265051
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  • Measures the surface resistance and the ground resistance of mats,
    worktops, floorings and other objects in the EPA area
  • The embedded probes are suitable for surface resistance measure, connecting one ground cord the resistance to ground can be read, and two external probes can be connected for point to point measurements
  • Programmable sound alarm

  • Measuring range: 104 - 1012Ω
  • Test voltage: 10 V: 104 - 105 Ω, 100 V: 106 - 1012 Ω
  • Electrodes: Soft conductive rubber
  • Dimensions: 80 x 120 x 27 mm