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Zoom: YS12F automat for SMD assembly
YS12F automat for SMD assembly | Cat. No: YA-YS12F
Product name:YS12F automat for SMD assembly
Cat. No:YA-YS12F
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YAMAHA YS12F automat for SMD assembly
  • Compact size and modularity while maintaining a high speed
  • ES feeders with a thin, lightweight and compact design
  • 5 nozzles per one headłiy
  • Transport direction: from left to right
  • Single PCB transport
  • Slots for feeders in the configuration: 2x24 (front), 1x60 (rear)
  • Cutoff device for excess tape (rear and front)
  • Waste container on cutoff tapes (front and rear)
  • Indicator of mounting / arming feeders accuracy
  • Nozzles 5x301A, 5x302A, 3x303A, 2x304A 
  • System of device lock after opening the aperture
  • CSP lighting for Multicamery
  • Easy transport of feeders - trolleys for feeders replacement (option)
  • Maximum number of feeders: 107
  • PCB dimensions: 50 x 50 to 420 x 460 mm (option 510 x 460 mm)
  • Yield: 20 000 cph
Intelligent ES feeders
  • Feeds small strips of tape
  • High speed stepping motor
  • Collection point automatically adjusted
  • Loading/unloading = 25/5 seconds
  • Automatic pace setting
  • Check of feeder ID with the position in the program
  • Information about state indicated by LED
  • Possibility of work in an alternative mode
Station of nozzles (ANC: automatic nozzle change) and station of nozzles cleaning (in order to perform self-cleaning of nozzles)
Easy transport of feeders Carts provide possibility to prepare feeders off-line. This significantly facilitates changeover of machine or just replacement of feeders. (option)
Multicamera 45mm (option)
Software package
  • P-Tool - programming of machine (conversion/optimization/simulation of process/visual editor)
  • M-Tool - management of production line and storage of components
  • S-Tool - remote management of production lineT-Tool - generation of analyze
Automatic tray feeder ATS15 (option)
Mouted components - YAMAHA automats YS series
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Mouted components - YAMAHA automats YS series
Model YS12F
PCB dimensions (mm) 50 x 50 to 420 x 460 (L x W) (option 510 x 460 mm)
Through-put 20 000 – 14 000 CPH (IPC 9850)
Mounting accuracy (3σ): QFP +/- 30μm; CHIP +/- 50μm
Applicable components 01005 to 45 x 100 mm (option 32x100mm) max. high 15mm
Number of feeders 107 pcs (for 8 mm tapes)47 pcs (for 8 mm tapes with ATS15 option)
External dimensions (mm) 1254 x 1440 x 1445 (L x W x H) (standard)1254 x 1755 x 1470 (L x W x H) (with ATS15 option)
Weight Approx. 1250 kg (1370 kg with ATS15 option)
Optional equipment
  • Carts for feeders
  • Automatic tray feeder for 15 trays - ATS15
  • Multi Camera 45 mm
  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Max. PCB 510x460 mm (additional camera)
  • LED Package (max. PCB length: 1200mm)
  • UPS power backup
  • Ionizer