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Zoom: WALKING TEST EVO portable resistance tester
WALKING TEST EVO portable resistance tester | Cat. No: IT-9265080
Product name:WALKING TEST EVO portable resistance tester
Cat. No:IT-9265080
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WALKING TEST EVO, is a portable measuing system, which analises level of charges on human body according to IEC 61340-4-5 standards.
Fully portable, do not need connection to computer because it has internal memory, where measurements results are stored.

User can perform measurementd by himself. During measurements, device is connected with wire, which lies along line of surface.

For quick assessment of measurements, test graphs appear on the LCD display, which can easily be transferred to a computer and analyzed for reluable documentation.
Measuring software is installed on the device.

  • Record of 10 graphs in the internal memory of device
  • Frequency: 200 Hz
  • Maximum time of graphs display: 2 min. 30 s
  • Intreface: USB


Menagement software of stored in the internal memory of the device tests, version compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10
For each measurement an arithmetic graph is created, which stores 5 peak values and 5 minimum values.

  • Range: ±1050 V
  • Resolution: 1V
  • Accuracy: ±5% o 5V
  • Input resistance: 1014Ω
  • Humidity: 1-95% RH
  • Temperature: -20oC - +60oC
  • Display: graphic LCD 128 x 64 pixels, 68x51mm
  • Power supply: 6 alkaline batteries, LR6 1,5V
  • Dimensions: 243x130x60 mm (device) 
  • Weight: 650g device, 250g probe

Standard equipment
Optional equipment
  • Portable EVO tester with batteries, in case
  • Calibration certificate
  • Possibility of device recalibration