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Zoom: SMD/BGA reballing and rework oven
SMD/BGA reballing and rework oven | Cat. No: FO-928S
Product name:SMD/BGA reballing and rework oven
Cat. No:FO-928S
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Net price: 1 773,54 EUR (Cena brutto: 2 181,46 EUR)

Oven for SMD/BGA reballing and rework

  • Heats evenly across the surface
  • Aluminium alloy hot plate provides superior energy conduction to the heated application
  • Two-line display:
    • Preset temperature display by the operator
    • Actual temperature display - readable from the built-in thermocouple type K
  • Cover
  • The duration of the process adjustable by potentiometer
  • Built-in advanced radiation type heating elements
  • Thermal insulation preventing heating of housing
928S  hot plate after choosing right stencil and solder balls in an excellent set for fast and always effective BGA and µBGA components regeneration.  
  • BGA reballing 
  • PCB preheating before rework process 
  • Solder removal 
  • SMD/BGA rework 
  • Precise, digital control
  • Heats evenly across the surface
  • Temperature measurement using embedded thermocouple type K
  • PID - Proportional, Integral, Derivative - precise temperature control system
  • Cover providing protection of operator
  • Two-line readable display
Two-line readable display1. The actual temperature2. The preset temperature
The duration of the process adjustable by potentiometer Max. 6 minutes
Cooling plate of aluminium alloy included
Technical data
  • Input power: 115VAC/230VAC
  • Maximum power: 1000 W max 
  • Temperature range: 0-400°C
  • Temperature stabilisation: +/-1°C from set temperature 
  • Plate dimensions: 150 x 200 x 13 mm
  • System dimensions: 280 x 240 x 170 mm
  • Heating time to a temperature 200°C: 6 minutes
  • Weight: about 7.5 kg