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Zoom: G220 gas torch
G220 gas torch | Cat. No: PO-GT220
Product name:G220 gas torch
Cat. No:PO-GT220
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Net price: 34,26 EUR (Cena brutto: 42,13 EUR)
PORTASOL G220 gas torch
  • Powered with butane gas torch
  • Max temperature: 1350oC
  • Power: from 50 to 220W
  • Ergonomic built
  • Potentiometer - adjustment of flame
  • Piezo self-ignition
  • Child protection
  • Work time to 40 minutes
  • Removable safety base
  • Butane refilled
  • Gas level indicator
  • Melting and plastic forming
  • Paint removal (burning)
  • Jewellery repairs
Gas torch are applicable whenever user depends on:
  • mobile work, without current supply - field service (e.g.: automotive, telecommunication) 
  • making firm connections 
  • work in difficult accessible places 

Few possibilities of using gas torch:

Heat shrinking

Removing bolts and screws

Plumbing - soldering of copper pipes

  • Light, mobile equipment 
  • Enables making very fast connections 
  • No need to work with external power supply
  • Built-in gas container, possibility of multi refill 

  • Max. temperature: 1350oC
  • Power: from 50 W to 220 W
  • Work time to 40 minutes
  • Butane refilled
Standard equipment
Standard equipment
  • Torch