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Zoom: Frame for Thru-Hole components mounting PCSA4
Frame for Thru-Hole components mounting PCSA4 | Cat. No: IT-7915605
Product name:Frame for Thru-Hole components mounting PCSA4
Cat. No:IT-7915605
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Net price: 317,44 EUR (Cena brutto: 390,45 EUR)

Frame for components mounting

  • Fast Thru-Hole components assembly on PCB 
  • Adjustable slope angle 
  • 3 adjustable rails 
  • PCB dimensions:  500x350 mm


Frame is applicable whenever user depends on:  

  • Considerable fastening of Thru-Hole components assembly
  • Easy and precise components placement in appropriate places on PCB


  • Fast and precise assembly regardless of operators efficiency
  • Board padded with special foam preventing components from falling out, guarantee high efficiency of assembly
  • Frame construction enables easily tilted it to appropriate angle depending on operators personal requirements