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Zoom: Soldering station GOOT RX-852AS
Soldering station GOOT RX-852AS | Cat. No: GO-RX852AS-CE
Product name:Soldering station GOOT RX-852AS
Cat. No:GO-RX852AS-CE
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Net price: 797,49 EUR (Cena brutto: 980,92 EUR)
  • Perfect for works demanding high power
  • High thermal capacity
  • The fastest in its class
  • Easy and fast tip change
  • Tip with thick protection (galvanized) layer (option) 
  • "Sleep" function 
  • "Auto On" - automatic power on
  • "Auto Off" - automatic power off
  • Password lockout
  • soldering components of substantial mass
  • soldering of Thru-Hole components and elements mounted in SMT technology
RX-852 finds application whenever operator requires:
  • maintain troubleless work in multi-shift environments
  • fast tip exchange for use with different applications
  • soldering in as low as possibile temperatures
  • fulfillment of technological norms
  • low exploitation costs while assuring high efficiency
  • Connection 150 W heatind element with high sensivity sensor
  • 350°C temperature set in 14 seconds!
  • "Slip in lock" mounted tip without necessity of using any tools or thermo-resistant pads
  • Wide tip range with galvanic layer preventing corrosion
  • "Sleep" function - enables time setting after which not use solderind station reduces tip themperature. At the same time soldering station can wait for automatic switch off "Auto Off".
  • "Auto On" function - soldering station "sleep" is stoped when processor detects tip temperature change e.g. when tip touches soldering point
  • "Auto Off" function - user determines period of soldering station inactivity after which station is automaticaly swich off.
  • Password lockout
  • Input power: 110-120 V, 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 160 W
  • Power supply: 24V AC/150 W
  • Temperature range: 50°C - 450°C
  • Insulation resistance (500V DC): 100 MΩ
  • Dimensions
    • Power supply: 194 x 116 x 105 mm
    • Soldering iron: 174 mm
  • Weight
    • Power supply: 4.8 kg
    • Soldering iron: 39 g
  • On tip voltage: ≤ 2 mV
  • Tip to ground resistance: ≤ 2 Ω
  • Hanpiece wire length: 1.5 m
  • Power supply wire length: 1.5 m
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
  • Soldering station RX-852
  • Handpiece with stand