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Zoom: KESTREL - optical measurement system
KESTREL - optical measurement system | Cat. No: VI-Kestrel
Product name:KESTREL - optical measurement system
Cat. No:VI-Kestrel
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KESTREL - optical measurement system
  • Non-contact measurement system
  • 2 axis measurement (X, Y)
  • Standard work table 150 mm x 100 mm
  • Max. magnification 50x 
  • Data processing by multi-function 2 axis display
  • Possibility of camera and optic accessories connection
  • High precision, low cost 
Kestrel is high quality non-contact measuring system incorporating many advantages, like: 
  • precision and measurement repeatability
  • optic possibility
  • work velocity
  • easy operation
  • low cost
Kestrel is first 2 axis microscope providing non-contact high resolution measurements -excellent parameters obtained thanks to patented by Vision Engineering technology of optical projection.

High optic quality warrantee's excellent, transparent image of difficult, dark and complicated surfaces, illuminated by 2 x 30 W assembled by two sides of spot lamps and 30 W axial vertically placed base illumination. Options of fast changing magnification: 10x : 20x : 50x (20x is a standard). 

Accurate and fast measurements displacements are achieved by effective     3-plate aluminium table (measurement range 150 mm x 100 mm), accuracy  1µm/10mm and system repeatability 4 µm. Joint assembled table with regulation for assuring critical parameter, which is parallelism of viewing head to base. 

Important feature of work table is factory built-in non-linear fault correction, which enables optimal precision and identification up to NPL/NAMAS ISO9000 standards. 

Kestrel is delivered with multi-function microprocessor display QC200 offering easy and visible numeric and graphic presentation of X and Y values. Results can be printed by parallel RS232C (printer port). 

Microscope can be also connected to outer accessories: digital camera, video camera, or video/CCTV. 

Kestrel was designed for providing user with the best efficiency, accuracy and repeatability as well as velocity and ergonomics for attractive price.


  • Measurement range 
    • X 150 mm 
    • Y 100 mm 
    • + Rough Setting --- 
  • Max. load: 10 kg
  • Scale resolution: 1 micron
  • Work table accuracy: 1 micron / 10 mm
  • Repeatability:
    • X  4 microns 
    • Y  4 microns
  • Input power: 110 - 220 V +/- 5% 50-60 Hz
Equipment and options
  • Magnification 
    • 20x -  standard 
    • 10x - option 
    • 50x - option 
  • Illumination (point or ring) 
  • "Web" scale
  • Multi-function microprocessor displays 
    • Quadra-Chek digital readouts are the answer on industry requirements regarding precision measurements and objects inspection 2-D and 3-D. Product has simple, intuitive user interface, clear screen set. It is reflection of deep understanding of user needs. Digital displays Metronics provides precise industry innovations improving operators productivity, reducing number of faults and saving time and money. 
    • QC-200 Geometric Readouts - standard equipment 
    • QC-100 Digital Readouts - option 
  • Work table - standard equipment 
    • Work table 150 mm x 100 mm with 1 micron lines working with microscope QC200 
    • Work table accuracy 1 µm / 10 mm 
    • Possibility of work table levelling to provide optimum accuracy
  • Other outer accessories - connection by universal arm to camera. Object can be at the same time viewed through viewing head and digitally through camera. In this way user can add to the system: 
    • Digital camera 
    • Video camera 
    • Video equipment 
  • Equipment completed to individual user requirements - possibility of extending the system by specific accessories, chosen by individual indication of a user.