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Zoom: TD-100 Soldering iron
TD-100 Soldering iron | Cat. No: PC-60100147
Product name:TD-100 Soldering iron
Cat. No:PC-60100147
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Net price: 113,14 EUR (Cena brutto: 139,16 EUR)
TD-100 Soldering iron  
  • Innovative combination of tip and heating element in one module 
  • The most technologicaly advanced soldering iron build with ergonomie rules in mind. It is very uniqualy designed tool, eliminating operator fatigue and considerably enhancing productivity.
  • Optimal combination of lenght and width of soldering iron allowing free, effective work,  also on dense PCB boards
  • Complete antistatic protection - ESD 
  • Heat resistant, elastic power cord
  • Handpiece without stand
  • Tip integrated with heating element in one module provides a number of advantages: 
    • Shortening distance between tip and heating element - temperature measurement directly on tip, few times per second
    • Constant regulation of delivered heat and precise fully automatic temperature regulation - optimal quality each solder joint
    • Very simple and fast during work tip change
    • Heat level can be freely changed using only one tip
    • Exploitation costs lower even by 75%
  • Assembly: 
    • all true-hole components 
    • SMD components - tips and nozzles 
  • Disassembly: 
    • SMD components
In new introdused Soldering Stations PACE has put into practice INTELLIHEATTM Control System. It's the only thermal system capable of managing multiple types of heating technologies within a single Power Source. There is no longer a need to have multiple Power Sources on your work bench or force operators to use only one heating technology.
Simply plug in any compatible handpiece and INTELLIHEATTM does the rest.
This technology has been applied into the following station: ST-30E, ST-50E, ST-70E, ST-115E, MBT-3001E, MBT-350E
  • Input power: 230V 50/60 Hz 
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
  • Handpiece