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Zoom: Tester of ESD wrist straps and shoes with documentation
Tester of ESD wrist straps and shoes with documentation | Cat. No: IT-9264925
Product name:Tester of ESD wrist straps and shoes with documentation
Cat. No:IT-9264925
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Net price: 1 701,35 EUR (Cena brutto: 2 092,66 EUR)
Testing station performs records and dicumentation of all user parameters entering EPA zone. The device can be mounted on the wall, serves as a portable or mounted on optional stand.

  • Measurments performed according to IEC61340-5-1 standard
  • Possibility of recognising 1000 different users
  • Recognition by previously assigned an identification number or fingerprints reader
  • Recognition of fingerprints in 1.5 sec.
  • Computer stores data from last 10000 granted accesses (date and hour, name of the user, his ID, resistance value of strap and footwear
  • Separate measurment of footwear (left and right)
  • Output of door opening control or gate to EPA zone
  • Readable LCD display size 74x46mm and resolution of 160x104 pixels
  • Sound signal in case of granting or refusal of access to EPA zone
  • Possibility of choosing the test upto 50V or upto 100V
  • Programing of limit of granting access (maximum number of operators in the zone)
  • USB socket
  • Data management software, programming, import/export of data working with Windows
Standard equipment
  • Testing station
  • IT-9264920 - Testing station with board for footwear testing
  • IT-9264922 - Testing ststion, stand and board for footwear testing