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Zoom: Charged-plate monitor
Charged-plate monitor | Cat. No: IT-9265110
Product name:Charged-plate monitor
Cat. No:IT-9265110
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Net price: 5 182,38 EUR (Cena brutto: 6 374,32 EUR)
Ionizers tester
  • Ionizers efficiency testing instrument
  • Time needed for neutralisation of precharged plate is beeing measured (either a positive or negative charge level)
  • Polarisation selector switch: + decay, - decay, or float mode
  • Voltage monitor output
  • LED display
  • Test/Reset control
  • Monitored voltage range: 0 to ±1100 V DC, or peak AC value
  • Plate self discharge: 12 V/minute (unpolarized)
  • Power: rechargeable battery
IT-9265115 -  AC adapter, 90-260 V AC