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Zoom: Electrostatic fieldmeter
Electrostatic fieldmeter | Cat. No: IT-9265501
Product name:Electrostatic fieldmeter
Cat. No:IT-9265501
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Net price: 1 352,53 EUR (Cena brutto: 1 663,62 EUR)
Electrostatic fieldmeter
  • Device detects and measures intensity and polarity of electrostatic fields
  • Indispensable for checking packaging materials, circuit assemblies and ionized areas
  • Meter offers:
    • digital display: range 0-20 KV
    • accuracy ±5%
    • distancing feature
    • chopper stabilized circuit, for accurate reading in a ionized environment
    • analog output for recorder
IT-9265503 - Periodic verification system (instrument, charger, plate, cables and carrying case).
Together, the three components can be used to verify ionizer operation and check ion balance and discharge time.