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Zoom: THERMOFLO 1700 system
THERMOFLO 1700 system | Cat. No: PC-80070466
Product name:THERMOFLO 1700 system
Cat. No:PC-80070466
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PACE THERMOFLO 1700 system
  • SMD AREA ARRAY REWORK SYSTEM - especially recommended for: BGA, PBGA, µBGA, CSP, FLIP CHIP reworks
  • Thanks to precision high resolution optic system exact positioning is easier then it has been ever before 
  • Mixed pre heating system (IR and hot air) 
Assembly and disassembly of electronic devices in SMT technology - especially BGA

Very precise positioning of electronic components

Process performing by set profile 

Qualification raising 
Each component is lifted from adjustable nest. Lifting is completely safe for the component. In lifting process can be incorporated flux or paste dipping procedure of components leads.

Permanent optic control system - no calibration needed. 
Real time observation - full screen or "in-window". Colour camera with 72x magnification and "auto-focus" option. Optics secured from contamination and damage. Independent, two colour illumination one for component second for PC board. Very precise Z axis regulation.

Easy profile programming - graphic process illustration. Infinite quantity of saved profiles. 2000 W heating element, providing even heat distribution. 4 temperature sensors. Full process control. Automatic adaptation of strain put on component.

Modern controlling software 
System equipped in intuitive software enabling operator very simple profile development and full process control. Thanks to advanced process functions assembly and disassembly of components is easier and safer as never before. Important advantage - possibility of documenting and registering of performed processes. Software co-operates also with other systems attached to TF e.g.: X-ray.

Co-operation with X-ray system 
Connection of TF system with X-ray XR-3000 is one and only on the market complete solution assuring correct rework processes.

Thermoflo 2700 - for most difficult tasks 
TF-2700 is expanded version of TF-1700 especially dedicated for advanced applications - bigger working area.

  • Dimensions: 737 mm high x 686 mm width x 737 mm depth 
  • Weight (without computer): 45 kg 
  • Input power: 230 V, 50 Hz, 2000 W 
  • Top heating: regulated air flow, convective, air or N2 (option) max. 20 l per minute, 1200 W, 100 to 400°C 
  • Bottom heating: IR, 400W, 100 to 221°C 
  • Vacuum: 450 mm Hg 
  • Optic resolution: Vision Overlay System 
  • Accuracy of positioning (Z axis): +/- 25 µm 
  • Video: two (external) video receptacle and one (internal) connection of integrated 15" LCD monitor 
  • Max. PCB size: 305 mm x 305 mm 
  • Max. component size: 65 mm x 65 mm