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Zoom: RD-500II/RD500SII system
RD-500II/RD500SII system | Cat. No: DL-RD-500
Product name:RD-500II/RD500SII system
Cat. No:DL-RD-500
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RD-500II/RD500SII BGA rework system
  • Innovative rework system 
  • Max. PCB size: 500 x 600 mm 
  • Max. component size: 50 mm 
  • 3 pre heaters: 
    • top: convective 700 W 
    • bottom: convective 700 W 
    • level: IR emitter 1600 W
  • Assembly and disassembly wide range of components types: BGA, µBGA, CSP, Flip Chip, Connectors 
  • Versatile possibilities very attractively priced 
  • Perfect component placement accuracy: 25 µm 
  • Highest quality optics
  • 3 highly effective pre heaters
  • Work with large applications (PCB size up to 500x600 mm) 
  • Protection preventing PCB from deformation and component pre heating 
  • Efficient and advanced software 
  • Attached set for solder paste dispensing 
  • Excellent repeatability of process 
  • 2 points cooling system
Profile creating with use of solder points temperature measurements (e.g. solder balls) and top of the component.

Exact temperature measurement with 5 thermocouples and computer analysis, prevents component overheating and providing choice of the most effective process parameters. 

Advanced optic system, PC controlled, guarantees precision component positioning.


Max. PCB size
500x600 cm
400x420 cm
Positioning accuracy
Component size
2 - 50 mm
Bottom pre heater
hot air, 700 W
Top pre heater
hot air, 700 W
IR pre heater
1600 W
(400 W x 4)
800 W option

(400 W x 2)

IR pre heater temperature range
0 ~ 500°C