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Zoom: ST-325 PACE microprocessor controlled non contact SMD rework station
ST-325 PACE microprocessor controlled non contact SMD rework station | Cat. No: PC-80070432
Product name:ST-325 PACE microprocessor controlled non contact SMD rework station
Cat. No:PC-80070432
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Net price: 1 829,19 EUR (Cena brutto: 2 249,90 EUR)
Microprocessor controlled assembly and disassembly hot air station
  • Non-contact hot air assembly/disassembly  
  • Display enabling programming and process control 
  • Advanced microprocessor control, easy handling and programming directly from system's front panel or optional PC 
  • 3 manual work modes, automatic (according to set profile) and programming 
  • Possibility to build productive work station to handle SMD components. Co-operation with stand, pre heater and PC control 
  • Other features similar to ST-300 model 
Disassembly of SMD components 
Use of hot air assures assembly and disassembly of components without risk of damaging them. To disassembly component is enough to melt solder with hot air jet fixing component and lift it - easy process, using similar method operator can perform assembly. This process enables disassembly of SMD and PTH components. 

Assembly of components enabling manual positioning 
Station feeds application with stabile hot air jet, which temperature accuracy is maintain at  +/- 9°C (max up to 482°C).

Assembly and disassembly majority of SMD (also BGA)components after system extension 
System enlargement by stand enabling stabile PCB handling and components positioning, as well as pre heater allow to create effective and economically attractive set for reworks with majority of SMD components as well as BGA.
  • Precision regulated temperature and air flow strength 
  • Advanced microprocessor control 
  • Programmable 4 zones profile (memory of up to 20 or 40 profiles using outer software) 
  • Socket enabling system to co-operation with PC (or pocket PC) and external software controlling also pre heater and PACE ST-450 (possibly other equipment) 
  • Cycle end siganalization 
  • Very precise temperature measurement using thermocouple 
  • Password system securing entered parameters 
  • Input power: 197-253 V, 50/60 Hz, 575 W max 
  • Digital regulation of system work parameters 
  • Programmable 4 profiles 
    • to 20 profiles in system memory 
    • to 40 profiles using outer software 
  • Temperature range: 176-482°C nominal 
  • Temperature stability: +/-9°C from set temperature 
  • Dimensions: 134 x 245 x 264 mm 
  • Weight: about 4.35kg 
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
  • Power supply 
  • Handpiece 
  • Vacuum wand