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Zoom: ST-115 PACE single channel rework station
ST-115 PACE single channel rework station | Cat. No: PC-80070522
Product name:ST-115 PACE single channel rework station
Cat. No:PC-80070522
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Net price: 972,54 EUR (Cena brutto: 1 196,23 EUR)
  • Microprocessor control - advanced operation
  • Allows for thru-hole and chosen SMD copmponents disassembly
  • SX-90 handpiece as standard
  • Buil-in "silent" compressor
  • Modular system extension, also to soldering function
  • Compatible with other PACE handpieces
Thru-hole disassembly 
Disassembly of all kinds thru-hole components from single to multilayer PCBs. 
Wide range of nozzles allows for many system applications.

Soldering residues cleaning 
Special vacuum nozzles helps in fast cleaning solder residues from soldering points without risk of damaging it.

SMD disassembly
SMD nozzles enable to electronic componets disassembly such as TSOPs and TQFPs. Nozzles are easy and fast changable. 

Thru-hole assembly - option 
Thanks to uniform control and stabilization temperature standard there is possibility of extending station by e.g. PS-90 (soldering handpiece) - thru-hole components soldering. Characteristic feature - high heater element thermal capacity.

SMD assembly - option 
Wide range of tips enabling assembly of majority of SMD components. Special, very thin tips and "mini-wave" tips considerably simplifying soldering of SMD components.

ST-115E is applicable whenever user depends on:

  • advanced functions of digitally controlled station
  • multi-function attractively priced system
  • maintaining constant trouble less work in multi-shift environment
  • soldering in as low as possible temperatures
  • fulfilling technological norms
  • low exploitation costs providing high efficiency
  • Dual-purpose compressor (regulated pressure, vacuum) 
  • Silent work 
  • Microprocessor control, readable display 
  • "Auto-Off" - automatic power switch off 
  • "Auto SetBack" - automatic temperature set back 
  • Snap-Vac system - extands vacuume time by 1, 2 seconds 
  • Modular extansions 
  • Full ESD protection
  • Metal, durable housing 
  • Over 180 tips, heads, nozzles and 5 handpieces available
  • Input power: 197-230 V, 50/60 Hz, 80 W max 
  • Temperature range: 204-454 °C nominal 
  • Temperature stabilization: +/-1.1 °C from set temperature 
  • Vacuum rise time: 200 ms medium value 
  • Vacuum: 51 cm Hg nominal 
  • Pressure: 1.44 bar (nominal in max. set) 
  • Air flow:   max. 6 l/min. 
  • Dimensions: 88 x 171 x 254 mm 
  • Weight: ~ 4 kg 
Standard equipment
Optional equipment