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X-rays for BGA after soldering inspection

X-ray systems are used as an advanced tools for:
Control production or rework process.
Inspection of all kind of PCBs, also multilayer and electronic components even BGA with metal covers.
Row material input control
X-ray radiation is a perfect method of components inspection in terms of possible defects and quality of PCB holes metallization.

VJ Electronix X-rays inspection systems main feature:
  • Perfect, user friendly, WindowsTM based software
  • High resolution optics and double viewing field 50/100mm
  • Advanced picture analysis including 3D plotting based on precise calculations
  • Real time image viewing and popular graphic formats images savings (jpg, tiff, bmp) which enables processing, registering and data transfer
  • High system magnification and off-axis PCB manipulation e.g. during BGA inspection
  • Low 1000W power consumption and standard power supply 110/230 VAC 50/60HZ

X-ray system YSi-X

X-ray system YSi-X

  • Hybrid inspection system
Price: on request
Zoom: X-ray system YSi-X
X-ray system YSi-X | Cat. No: YA-YSi-X
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